Y-TEX Y-Tags One-piece Ear Tags
Y-TEX Y-Tags One-piece Ear Tags
Y-TEX Y-Tags One-piece Ear Tags

Y-TEX Y-Tags One-piece Ear Tags

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 Y-Tags One-Piece Ear Tagging System from Y-TEX

  • Unique Four-Sided Surgi-Tip for a clean incision, improved retention and faster healing
  • Pre-Printed COW and CALF size tags are printed with 100% PureLaser - the deepest, darkest 100% pure laser print on the market. Guaranteed readable for the life of the animal 
  • Feedlot Y-Tags are printed with Inkjet print
  • Advanced Thermo Polyurethane and acetyl nylon molded materials help withstand extremes in cold and heat, moisture, mold or ultra-violet light
  • Durable yet pliable
  • 3 sizes available - Cow size, Calf size, or Feedlot size (Feedlot tags are designed for short-term use up to approx. 1 year)
  • Variety of color choices
  • Apply using the Y-Tags Tagger

Can also apply using most other one-piece tag applicators on the market (Lone Star EZ applicator will not work for the Y-Tags but the Z applicator or A tag applicator can be used for Y-Tags)

Lead Time: About 2 Weeks

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