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Free Shipping On All Orders (Excluding Ear Tags)
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Y-TEX Swine Premises ID Tags

Y-TEX Swine Premises ID Tags

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Free Shipping On All Orders (Excluding Ear Tags)

Official Premises Identification Number (PIN) Tags for Swine - USDA approved

Visual PIN Tags - provide an option to officially identify boars and sows to the premises they were kept immediately prior to entering harvest channels. The PIN tags will be collected as the official form of identification to be associated with any tissue or blood samples collected for disease surveillance.

If a PIN tag includes management number for unique within-herd identity and the management number is imprinted by the manufacturer to ensure its permanency, then the tag would also qualify as an official eartag for interstate movement of individual animals.

PIN tags are:
Tamper-evident (for one-time use only)
Available in several colors
Easy application with the Y-TEX Ultra Tagger plus
Lays flat on the ear to help prevent chewing and snagging
Imprinted on the outside of the male tag with the following:
          - PIN (unique 7 character alpha-numeric)
          - State postal abbreviation of the premises
          - Unlawful to Remove
          - Official Eartag Shield (US)
          - Manufacturer's Logo or Trademark (printed or impression of)
          - With or without management number

The inside of the male tag has the premises ID number and its barcode imprinted to support the automated collection of blood and tissue samples for disease surveillance.

Try the new Y-TEX Ultra Tagger Plus TP (Gray) with redesigned jaw to apply the Y-TEX RFID tags.

The Y-TEX RFID tags can also be applied with the Ultra Tagger Compact(orange) or the Ultra Tagger Plus (blue) which can also be used to apply other styles of Y-TEX two-piece tags.

Purchase by quantities of 25 ($1.25 per tag - male/female) 

Lead Time: About 2 Weeks

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