Y-TEX USDA FDX RFID Tag - Pack of 100

Y-TEX USDA FDX RFID Tag - Pack of 100

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The Y-TEX FDX RFID button-style tags employ full-duplex (simultaneous signal back and forth between reader & tag) technology and weigh 6.42 grams. These tags are encapsulated in a soft polyurethane material and are intended to be used as livestock ID where exposure to various weather environments, liquids and temperature changes are significant. The RFID button-style tags have increased read distance and performance in noisy environments - including those with a high amount of metal and electrical interference. Neither direct contact nor line of sight is required for accurate RFID reading. Tags can be read quickly and accurately in milliseconds through a variety of nonmetallic materials such as dirt, paint and cement.

Also, available in lighter weight tag for Sheep, Goat and Swine. Contact us for more info on the lightweight tags.

Try the new Y-TEX Ultra Tagger Plus TP (Gray) with redesigned jaw to apply the Y-TEX RFID tags.

The Y-TEX RFID tags can also be applied with the Ultra Tagger Compact(orange) or the Ultra Tagger Plus (blue) which can also be used to apply other styles of Y-TEX two-piece tags.

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