Ear Tag Stencil - For 2 Piece Tags

Ear Tag Stencil - For 2 Piece Tags

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Stencil + Ear Tag Marking Pen

Avoid long lead times from custom laser printing by using an ear tag stencil!

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Large, readable numbers are a must for cattle tags, and handwritten numbers can be difficult to create legibly and efficiently. That’s when our ear tag stencil becomes your friend – easily create bold numbers whenever you need them!

This metal stencil is designed for Sagebrush Ear Tags, and is designed to fit two small digits above a large management number. Up to three large numbers and two small numbers can fit on a standard 4x3 inch cow size tag.

Small numbers are 3/4" tall x 7/16" wide

Large numbers are 1.5" tall x 3/4" wide

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