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Free Shipping On All Orders (Excluding Ear Tags)
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Destron Swine Premises Tags USDA Official

Destron Swine Premises Tags USDA Official

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Free Shipping On All Orders (Excluding Ear Tags)
USDA Official Premises ID Number Tags from Destron (PIN tags) for breeding stock. (sows or boars going to slaughter) Recommendations from USDA are to apply a Swine PIN tag at the last place the swine resided for at least 3 months before going to slaughter.

The set includes a visual panel stud and a tamper-proof button. Both pieces carry the official US shield and the words "Unlawful to Remove". The male visual panel also carries the 7-character assigned alphnumeric PIN (Premises Identification Number) as well as the State postal code of the PIN.

There is also space on the visual panel for a management number of your choosing.

These PIN tags meet USDA and Pork Industry Standards
Improve traceback speed, accuracy and efficiency
Facilitate Comprehensive Disease Surveillance Programs

Pink is the standard color for these tags but you may also order them in your choice of Yellow, Orange, White, Red, Blue.

You must provide a valid Premises Identification Number (PIN) when ordering. In most cases you can receive you PIN from your state Department of Agriculture.

Please allow approx. 5-10 business days to process the order prior to shipping.

Purchase from the website in quantities of 25 tags ($1.10 each male/female set) 

If smaller quantities are needed please contact us for pricing.

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