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Free Shipping On All Orders (Excluding Ear Tags)
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Allflex EID Tag HDX USDA 840 Button Tags

Allflex EID Tag HDX USDA 840 Button Tags

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Free Shipping On All Orders (Excluding Ear Tags)

The Allflex USDA 840 HDX Ultra EID High Performance button tags for Swine or Cattle have a unique design that provides the ultimate in usability, security and retention. This single use tag features a hard plastic Tamperproof cap. Transponder numbers are laser marked in a circular format on the edge of the tag.

Half Duplex Technology (HDX) is utilized with the High Performance Ultra EID Tag. HDX is a design principle whereby the transponder initiates the return signal to the reader/scanner only after the end of the interrogation signal has been received and only after the storage capacitor has been fully charged in the transponder. The return signal is then only sent once since the transponder has emptied its storage capacitor after it has sent its entire data content. This proven high-performance technology provides enhanced signal strength for maximum read distance.

***Allflex 840 EID tags can be purchased in quantities of 20, 100, 500 and 1,000 tags but then you have the option (in the ordering box below) to choose your package size within those purchase quantities

20 count, 50 count or 250 count packages can usually ship within 2 business days.
1,000 count packages ship approx. 1 week after the order is placed.
The tag numbers within each package will be sequential.

These tags can be applied with the Allflex Universal Total Tagger, Total Tagger Plus or the Ultra Retract-O-Matic tagger.

Tag is White. 1.28" Dia. x .280" Thick.

A valid Premise ID number must be provided with orders for 840 tags.

*Important Application tips for EID tags:
 Use the red blunt pin and remove the black insert from the base of the jaws.
 Be sure that the “bump” or raised portion of the tag which encloses the transponder chip, is placed in the open portion (facing out) of the jaws.

Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks

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