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Free Shipping On All Orders (Excluding Ear Tags)
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Allflex EID Tag HDX (Standard/982-Tamperproof) White

Allflex EID Tag HDX (Standard/982-Tamperproof) White

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Free Shipping On All Orders (Excluding Ear Tags)

The Allflex HDX (Half Duplex) High Performance Ultra EID Tag is ISO compliant and has a unique design that provides the ultimate in usability, security and retention. The single use ear tag features a ridged plastic design with a tamperproof cap. Transponder numbers are laser marked in a circular format on the edge of the tag.

HDX technology optimizes signal transmission and provides the greatest read distance. HDX technology may be beneficial to the system if used in packing plants, automated reading systems, or with a walk-through reader.

The tamperproof tag is injection molded Polyurethane female with a plastic injection molded tamperproof cap. The hard cap of the tag provides the highest degree of security available, as any attempt to remove the male tag from the female would cause the tag components to break, rendering them unusable.

Allflex EID tags are applied with the Red Universal Total Tagger, Green Total Tagger Plus or the Ultra Retract-O-Matic tagger.
To apply with the Total Tagger, the Red Blunt Applicator pin must be installed and the Black or White insert must be removed.
Extended small males are used on these HDX tags for placement in a deeper location in the ear.

Tags are White in color.

*Important Application tips for EID tags:
 Use the red blunt pin and remove the black insert from the base of  the jaws.
 Be sure that the “bump” or raised portion of the tag which encloses the transponder chip, is placed in the open portion (facing out) of the jaws.

Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks

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