Free Shipping On All Orders (Excluding Ear Tags)
Free Shipping On All Orders (Excluding Ear Tags)
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Ear Tag Lead Times

Last updated January 12, 2022

AllFlex has a lead time of at least 8-12 weeks. If you need tags quickly, we do not suggest going with AllFlex. If you would like to order or discuss options, give us a call at 1-877-822-2699 or email us -  we’re happy to help!

DATAMARS: (Z tags, Temple Tags)
Datamars has a lead time of 4-6+ weeks, depending on availability. If you need these by a certain date, please call at 1-877-822-2699 or email us to check if the tags are available to ship.


Ritchey has a lead time of 8-10 weeks on custom tag orders, and approximately 2 weeks on blank tags as colors become available.

If the color you want is not available on the website, please call 1-877-822-2699 or email us to see if we can get them for you. Thank you!

Y-TEX has a lead time of about 2-3 weeks, except for Y-Tag Feedlot tags.
Y-Tag Feedlot tags are shipping in about 10 weeks or more.